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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Algorithm.h A polyfill for `<algorithm>`. 796 Bytes
Alignment.h Functionality related to memory alignment. 3.7 kB
AllocPolicy.h An allocation policy concept, usable for structures and algorithms to * control how memory is alloc 6.2 kB
AlreadyAddRefed.h Typed temporary pointers for reference-counted smart pointers. 6.2 kB
Array.h A compile-time constant-length array with bounds-checking assertions. 2.7 kB
ArrayUtils.h Implements various helper functions related to arrays. 5.6 kB
Assertions.cpp The crash reason is defined as a global variable here rather than in the * crash reporter itself to 2.5 kB
Assertions.h Implementations of runtime and static assertion macros for C and C++. 24.7 kB
Atomics.h Implements (almost always) lock-free atomic operations. The operations here * are a subset of that 21.3 kB
Attributes.h Implementations of various class and method modifier attributes. 39.9 kB
BinarySearch.h 3.6 kB
BloomFilter.h A counting Bloom filter implementation. This allows consumers to * do fast probabilistic "is item 7.6 kB
BufferList.h private AllocPolicy 21.5 kB
Casting.h Cast operations to supplement the built-in casting operations. 7.3 kB
ChaosMode.cpp 589 Bytes
ChaosMode.h When "chaos mode" is activated, code that makes implicitly nondeterministic * choices is encouraged 2.6 kB
Char16.h Implements a UTF-16 character type. 5.4 kB
CheckedInt.h Provides checked integers, detecting integer overflow and divide-by-0. 25.5 kB
Compiler.h Various compiler checks. 4.6 kB
Compression.cpp Our wrappers 3.0 kB
Compression.h Various simple compression/decompression functions. 5.5 kB
DebugOnly.h a type for variables used only in debug builds 2.9 kB
DefineEnum.h Poor man's reflection for enumerations. 6.8 kB
DoublyLinkedList.h A doubly-linked list with flexible next/prev naming. 10.3 kB
EndianUtils.h Functions for reading and writing integers in various endiannesses. 20.7 kB
EnumSet.h A set abstraction for enumeration values. 6.2 kB
EnumTypeTraits.h Type traits for enums. 3.0 kB
EnumeratedArray.h EnumeratedArray is like Array, but indexed by a typed enum. 3.4 kB
EnumeratedRange.h Iterator over contiguous enum values 6.3 kB
FStream.h but takes char16ptr_t on Windows 3.6 kB
FastBernoulliTrial.h Efficient sampling with uniform probability 17.0 kB
FloatingPoint.cpp Implementations of FloatingPoint functions 1.4 kB
FloatingPoint.h Various predicates and operations on IEEE-754 floating point types. 20.0 kB
FunctionTypeTraits.h public FunctionTypeTraits 4.2 kB
GuardObjects.h Implementation of macros to ensure correct use of RAII Auto* objects. 6.0 kB
HashFunctions.cpp Implementations of hash functions. 1.0 kB
HashFunctions.h Utilities for hashing. 12.7 kB
HashTable.h 65.5 kB
IntegerPrintfMacros.h Implements the C99 <inttypes.h> interface. 3.3 kB
IntegerRange.h Iterator over ranges of integers 5.8 kB
IntegerTypeTraits.h Helpers to manipulate integer types that don't fit in TypeTraits.h 3.8 kB
JSONWriter.cpp 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 2.3 kB
JSONWriter.h but typically the most basic testing will identify any 13.4 kB
Likely.h MOZ_LIKELY and MOZ_UNLIKELY macros to hint to the compiler how a * boolean predicate should be bran 769 Bytes
LinkedList.h A type-safe doubly-linked list class. 19.4 kB
LinuxSignal.h 1.2 kB
MacroArgs.h Implements various macros meant to ease the use of variadic macros. 3.3 kB
MacroForEach.h Implements a higher-order macro for iteratively calling another macro with * fixed leading argument 10.4 kB
MathAlgorithms.h mfbt maths algorithms. 14.9 kB
Maybe.h A class for optional values and in-place lazy construction. 18.2 kB
MaybeOneOf.h A class storing one of two optional value types that supports in-place lazy * construction. 4.4 kB
MemoryChecking.h Provides a common interface to the ASan (AddressSanitizer) and Valgrind * functions used to mark me 3.9 kB
MemoryReporting.h Memory reporting infrastructure. 826 Bytes
Move.h not a copy 9.1 kB
NonDereferenceable.h A pointer wrapper indicating that the pointer should not be dereferenced. 4.7 kB
NotNull.h which can be used in cases 8.7 kB
NullPtr.h Implements a mozilla::IsNullPointer<T> type trait. 937 Bytes
Opaque.h An opaque integral type supporting only comparison operators. 1.1 kB
OperatorNewExtensions.h A version of |operator new| that eschews mandatory null-checks. 2.2 kB
Pair.h A class holding a pair of objects that tries to conserve storage space. 5.9 kB
Path.h Represents the native path format on the platform. 774 Bytes
PodOperations.h Operations for zeroing POD types, arrays, and so on. * * These operations are preferable to memset 4.9 kB
Poison.cpp A poison value that can be used to fill a memory space with * an address that leads to a safe crash 5.3 kB
Poison.h sizeof 3.4 kB
Range.h 2.4 kB
RangedArray.h A compile-time constant-length array, with bounds-checking assertions -- but * unlike mozilla::Arra 2.3 kB
RangedPtr.h Implements a smart pointer asserted to remain within a range specified at * construction. 7.4 kB
RecordReplay.cpp 7.4 kB
RecordReplay.h Public API for Web Replay. 21.9 kB
ReentrancyGuard.h Small helper class for asserting uses of a class are non-reentrant. 1.4 kB
RefCountType.h MozRefCountType is Mozilla's reference count type. * * We use the same type to represent the refco 1.2 kB
RefCounted.h you 9.3 kB
RefPtr.h 15.6 kB
Result.h A type suitable for returning either a value or an error from a function. 15.0 kB
ResultExtensions.h Extensions to the Result type to enable simpler handling of XPCOM/NSPR results. 1.6 kB
ReverseIterator.h An iterator that acts like another iterator, but iterating in * the negative direction. (Note that 5.3 kB
RollingMean.h Calculate the rolling mean of a series of values. 2.7 kB
SHA1.cpp the H array of state variables 12.4 kB
SHA1.h Simple class for computing SHA1. 1.7 kB
SPSCQueue.h Single producer single consumer lock-free and wait-free queue. 14.5 kB
STYLE with the following exceptions 628 Bytes
Saturate.h Provides saturation arithmetics for scalar types. 6.2 kB
ScopeExit.h RAII class for executing arbitrary actions at scope end. 3.5 kB
Scoped.h DEPRECATED: Use UniquePtr.h instead. 9.2 kB
SegmentedVector.h private AllocPolicy 10.7 kB
SharedLibrary.h Path charset agnostic wrappers for prlink.h. 1.2 kB
SmallPointerArray.h A vector of pointers space-optimized for a small number of elements. 7.2 kB
Span.h 31.7 kB
SplayTree.h A sorted tree with optimal access times, where recently-accessed elements * are faster to access ag 7.7 kB
Sprintf.h Provides a safer sprintf for printing to fixed-size character arrays. 1.1 kB
StaticAnalysisFunctions.h Functions that are used as markers in Gecko code for static analysis. Their * purpose is to have di 1.8 kB
TaggedAnonymousMemory.cpp 3.2 kB
TaggedAnonymousMemory.h 2.8 kB
TemplateLib.h Reusable template meta-functions on types and compile-time values. Meta- * functions are placed in 3.8 kB
TextUtils.h Character/text operations. 4.7 kB
ThreadLocal.h Cross-platform lightweight thread local data wrappers. 6.3 kB
ThreadSafeWeakPtr.h you should add 11.4 kB
ToString.h Utilities for converting an object to a string representation. 855 Bytes
Tuple.h A variadic tuple class. 17.4 kB
TypeTraits.h Template-based metaprogramming and type-testing facilities. 38.4 kB
TypedEnumBits.h MOZ_MAKE_ENUM_CLASS_BITWISE_OPERATORS allows using a typed enum as bit flags. 4.8 kB
Types.h mfbt foundational types and macros. 4.5 kB
UniquePtr.h Smart pointer managing sole ownership of a resource. 23.3 kB
UniquePtrExtensions.h Useful extensions to UniquePtr. 1.5 kB
Unused.cpp 437 Bytes
Unused.h 1.0 kB
Utf8.cpp 1.1 kB
Utf8.h UTF-8-related functionality, including a type-safe structure representing a * UTF-8 code unit. 20.3 kB
Variant.h A template class for tagged unions. 24.8 kB
Vector.h A type/length-parametrized vector class. 43.4 kB
WeakPtr.h Weak pointer functionality, implemented as a mixin for use with any class. 8.7 kB
WindowsVersion.h 5.8 kB
WrappingOperations.h Math operations that implement wraparound semantics on overflow or underflow. * * While in some ca 11.6 kB
XorShift128PlusRNG.h The xorshift128+ pseudo-random number generator. 4.4 kB
lz4.c Fast LZ compression algorithm 80.9 kB
lz4.h Fast LZ compression algorithm 30.5 kB
moz.build 4.0 kB