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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
moz.build 537 Bytes
nsCharDetConstructors.h Header file to be included by module - * warning: defines a whole bunch of static functions 855 Bytes
nsChardetModule.cpp 1.9 kB
nsCyrillicClass.h PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE DIRECTLY. THIS FILE IS GENERATED BY GenCyrllicClass found in mozilla 3.9 kB
nsCyrillicDetector.cpp 4.5 kB
nsCyrillicDetector.h 4.1 kB
nsCyrillicProb.h DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE !!! This file is generated by the perl script in mozilla/intl/chardet/ 6.2 kB
nsDetectionConfident.h This type is used to indicate how confident the detection module about the return result. eNoAn 1.8 kB
nsICharsetDetectionObserver.h public nsISupports 990 Bytes
nsICharsetDetector.h public nsISupports 1.7 kB
nsIStringCharsetDetector.h public nsISupports 1.4 kB