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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
ARIAMap.cpp This list of WAI-defined roles are currently hardcoded. * Eventually we will most likely be loadin 31.0 kB
ARIAMap.h Used to define if role requires to expose Value interface. 9.1 kB
ARIAStateMap.cpp Used to store state map rule data for ARIA attribute of enum type. 10.0 kB
ARIAStateMap.h List of the ARIA state mapping rules. 1.6 kB
AccEvent.cpp 11.8 kB
AccEvent.h Generic accessible event. 16.7 kB
AccGroupInfo.cpp 7.1 kB
AccGroupInfo.h Calculate and store group information. 3.1 kB
AccIterator.cpp 11.1 kB
AccIterator.h public AccIterable 7.9 kB
AccTypes.h Accessible object types. Each accessible class can have own type. 2.1 kB
AccessibleOrProxy.cpp 789 Bytes
AccessibleOrProxy.h This class stores an Accessible* or a ProxyAccessible* in a safe manner * with size sizeof(void*). 2.7 kB
Asserts.cpp 1.1 kB
DocManager.cpp 17.9 kB
DocManager.h public nsIWebProgressListener 5.5 kB
EmbeddedObjCollector.cpp 1.9 kB
EmbeddedObjCollector.h Collect embedded objects. Provide quick access to accessible by index and * vice versa. 1.6 kB
EventQueue.cpp 13.1 kB
EventQueue.h Used to organize and coalesce pending events. 1.9 kB
EventTree.cpp 19.6 kB
EventTree.h This class makes sure required tasks are done before and after tree * mutations. Currently this onl 3.0 kB
Filters.cpp 1.1 kB
Filters.h Predefined filters used for nsAccIterator and nsAccCollector. 1.0 kB
FocusManager.cpp 12.7 kB
FocusManager.h Manage the accessible focus. Used to fire and process accessible events. 3.1 kB
IDSet.h A class to generate unique IDs in the range [ - 2^31, 0 ) 3.5 kB
Logging.cpp 27.2 kB
Logging.h Return true if any of the given modules is logged. 5.7 kB
MarkupMap.h 10.2 kB
NotificationController.cpp 34.3 kB
NotificationController.h Notification interface. 12.4 kB
Platform.h Return the platform disabled state. 4.0 kB
Relation.h A collection of relation targets of a certain type. Targets are computed * lazily while enumeratin 2.5 kB
RelationType.h 4.1 kB
RelationTypeMap.h Usage: declare the macro RELATIONTYPE()with the following arguments: * RELATIONTYPE(geckoType, geck 4.8 kB
Role.h be sure to also add it to base 24.9 kB
RoleMap.h Usage: declare the macro ROLE()with the following arguments: * ROLE(geckoRole, stringRole, atkRole, 35.7 kB
SelectionManager.cpp 7.5 kB
SelectionManager.h public nsISelectionListener 3.5 kB
States.h 7.8 kB
Statistics.h 1.1 kB
StyleInfo.cpp 3.2 kB
StyleInfo.h 1.5 kB
TextAttrs.cpp 26.6 kB
TextAttrs.h Used to expose text attributes for the hyper text accessible (see * HyperTextAccessible class). * 13.9 kB
TextRange-inl.h 794 Bytes
TextRange.cpp inl 10.4 kB
TextRange.h A text point (hyper text + offset), represents a boundary of text range. 7.8 kB
TextUpdater.cpp 6.4 kB
TextUpdater.h Used to find a difference between old and new text and fire text change * events. 2.8 kB
TreeWalker.cpp 9.6 kB
TreeWalker.h This class is used to walk the DOM tree to create accessible tree. 3.9 kB
XULMap.h XULLabelAccessible 5.2 kB
moz.build 2.6 kB
nsAccCache.h 919 Bytes
nsAccUtils.cpp 12.6 kB
nsAccUtils.h 8.4 kB
nsAccessibilityService.cpp 61.0 kB
nsAccessibilityService.h Return focus manager. 17.3 kB
nsAccessiblePivot.cpp mRoot 29.7 kB
nsAccessiblePivot.h nsIAccessiblePivot 4.2 kB
nsCoreUtils.cpp 19.5 kB
nsCoreUtils.h Core utils. 11.1 kB
nsEventShell.cpp 2.4 kB
nsEventShell.h Used for everything about events. 2.1 kB
nsTextEquivUtils.cpp The accessible for which we are computing a text equivalent. It is useful * for bailing out during 11.1 kB
nsTextEquivUtils.h Text equivalent computation rules (see nsTextEquivUtils::gRoleToNameRulesMap) 5.5 kB