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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
available.png 412 Bytes
away.png 403 Bytes
browserRequest.css 718 Bytes
chat-16.png 520 Bytes
chat-left-16.png 556 Bytes
conv.css disable overflow in themes until bug 42676 is fixed in Mozilla 862 Bytes
idle.png 431 Bytes
imtooltip.css 1.2 kB
jar.mn 1.4 kB
mobile-16.png 624 Bytes
mobile.png 444 Bytes
moz.build 256 Bytes
offline.png 399 Bytes
otr.css container 3.5 kB
otrFingerprintDialog.css Form and input fields 1.7 kB
status.css 1.4 kB
typed-16.png 412 Bytes
typing-16.png 5.6 kB
unknown-16.png 716 Bytes
unknown.png 456 Bytes