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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
.eslintrc.js 124 Bytes
Makefile.in 283 Bytes
TopLevelVideoDocument.js 1.7 kB
XPCNativeWrapper.js Moved to C++ implementation in XPConnect. See bug 281988. 275 Bytes
about.js blank 1.3 kB
about.xhtml logo 1.7 kB
aboutAbout.js 1.5 kB
aboutAbout.xhtml 941 Bytes
aboutNetworking.js 13.1 kB
aboutNetworking.xhtml 7.2 kB
aboutProfiles.js 10.3 kB
aboutProfiles.xhtml 1.6 kB
aboutRights-unbranded.xhtml 2.1 kB
aboutRights.xhtml 3.8 kB
aboutServiceWorkers.js Failed to get the ServiceWorkerManager service 5.9 kB
aboutServiceWorkers.xhtml 1.6 kB
aboutSupport.js 34.6 kB
aboutSupport.xhtml 14.7 kB
aboutTelemetry.css enabled 3.9 kB
aboutTelemetry.js Helper function for determining whether the document direction is RTL. * Caches result of check on 74.0 kB
aboutTelemetry.xhtml upload-enabled 13.3 kB
autocomplete.css Apply crisp rendering for favicons at exactly 2dppx resolution 925 Bytes
browser-child.js eslint-env mozilla/frame-script 19.8 kB
browser-content.js -*- indent-tabs-mode: nil; js-indent-level: 2 -*- 60.7 kB
buildconfig.html about:buildconfig 1.5 kB
contentAreaUtils.js Determine whether or not a given focused DOMWindow is in the content area. * 49.2 kB
customizeToolbar.css Hide the toolbarbutton label because we replicate it on the wrapper 920 Bytes
customizeToolbar.js 24.7 kB
customizeToolbar.xul 2.5 kB
datepicker.xhtml 2.7 kB
directionDetector.html 422 Bytes
editMenuOverlay.js 1.4 kB
editMenuOverlay.xul 5.9 kB
filepicker.properties 731 Bytes
findUtils.js 3.8 kB
finddialog.js globals moveToAlertPosition 4.9 kB
finddialog.xul 2.3 kB
globalOverlay.js 4.8 kB
jar.mn 6.0 kB
license.html about:license 285.3 kB
macWindowMenu.inc 1.6 kB
macWindowMenu.js 1.6 kB
menulist.css editable-input 424 Bytes
minimal-xul.css This file should only contain a minimal set of rules for the XUL elements * that may be implicitly 3.8 kB
moz.build 1.1 kB
mozilla.xhtml 1.2 kB
plugins.css ===== plugins.css ===================================================== == Styles used by the abo 1.5 kB
plugins.html 8.8 kB
process-content.js 2.7 kB
resetProfile.css 351 Bytes
resetProfile.js 645 Bytes
resetProfile.xul 1.4 kB
resetProfileProgress.xul 886 Bytes
select-child.js 840 Bytes
textbox.css input 978 Bytes
timepicker.xhtml 1.8 kB
treeUtils.js 2.2 kB
viewZoomOverlay.js Document Zoom Management Code * * To use this, you'll need to have a getBrowser() function or use 3.2 kB
xul.css A minimal set of rules for the XUL elements that may be implicitly created * as part of HTML/SVG do 29.2 kB