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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
AppData.jsm Installs a fake UAppData directory. * * This is needed by tests because a UAppData directory typic 2.6 kB
AppInfo.jsm Create new XULAppInfo instance with specified options. * * options is a object with following keys 3.8 kB
Assert.jsm 1. The assert module provides functions that throw AssertionError's when * particular conditions ar 15.0 kB
CoverageUtils.jsm Records coverage for each test by way of the js debugger. 6.3 kB
MockRegistrar.jsm 3.7 kB
MockRegistry.jsm 3.2 kB
StructuredLog.jsm TestLogger: Logger class generating messages compliant with the * structured logging protocol for t 6.6 kB
TestUtils.jsm This module implements a number of utilities useful for testing. * * Additions to this module shou 2.2 kB
ajv-4.1.1.js 267.6 kB
moz.build 1.0 kB
sinon-1.16.1.js 199.0 kB