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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
accessiblecaret-normal@1.5x.png 16.5 kB
accessiblecaret-normal@1x.png 16.0 kB
accessiblecaret-normal@2.25x.png 17.2 kB
accessiblecaret-normal@2x.png 17.2 kB
accessiblecaret-tilt-left@1.5x.png 16.3 kB
accessiblecaret-tilt-left@1x.png 15.9 kB
accessiblecaret-tilt-left@2.25x.png 17.1 kB
accessiblecaret-tilt-left@2x.png 16.8 kB
accessiblecaret-tilt-right@1.5x.png 16.4 kB
accessiblecaret-tilt-right@1x.png 15.9 kB
accessiblecaret-tilt-right@2.25x.png 17.1 kB
accessiblecaret-tilt-right@2x.png 16.8 kB
arrow-left.gif 57 Bytes
arrow-right.gif 57 Bytes
arrow.gif 56 Bytes
arrowd-left.gif 60 Bytes
arrowd-right.gif 59 Bytes
arrowd.gif 59 Bytes
checkmark.svg 284 Bytes
counterstyles.css Defined in CSS Counter Styles Level 3 11.6 kB
forms.css Styles for old GFX form widgets * 33.5 kB
html.css bidi 18.3 kB
indeterminate-checkmark.svg 271 Bytes
noframes.css This sheet is added to the style set for documents with frames disabled 373 Bytes
noscript.css This sheet is added to the style set for documents with script disabled 326 Bytes
number-control.css This file exists purely because we need the styling for input[type=number] * to apply only if the p 774 Bytes
plaintext.css Make text go with the rules of dir=auto, but allow it to be overriden if 'Switch Text Direction' is 478 Bytes
quirk.css make orphaned LIs have inside bullet 9.3 kB
radio.svg 269 Bytes
ua.css magic -- some of these rules are important to keep pages from overriding them 12.7 kB
viewsource.css 2.0 kB