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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
doc SpiderMonkey in-tree documentation
editline The files in this directory provide simple line-editing and history
gdb This directory holds Python code to support debugging SpiderMonkey with
jit-test JS Trace Test Suite
jsapi-tests # JSAPI Test Suite
tests JS Test Suite Readme
vtune VTune files imported from VTune Amplifier XE 2017 Rev 1.0.486011.
.clang-format 297 Bytes
.gitignore 8 Bytes
Cargo.lock 1.5 kB
Cargo.toml 234 Bytes
Makefile.in 8.1 kB
NamespaceImports.h 3.9 kB
README.html SpiderMonkey README 696 Bytes
Y.js 529 Bytes
aclocal.m4 1.9 kB
build.rs only 1.7 kB
configure 0 Bytes
configure.in 1.2 kB
dtoa.c The author of this software is David M. Gay. * * Copyright (c) 1991, 2000, 2001 by Lucent Technolo 69.0 kB
js-confdefs.h.in List of defines generated by configure. Included with preprocessor flag, * -include, to avoid long 342 Bytes
js-config.h.in Definitions set at build time that affect SpiderMonkey's public API. This header file is generate 2.0 kB
js-config.in 2.1 kB
js.msg This is the JavaScript error message file. * * The format for each JS error message is: * * MSG_ 52.4 kB
js.pc.in The Mozilla library for JavaScript 376 Bytes
jsalloc.cpp 637 Bytes
jsalloc.h JS allocation policies. * * The allocators here are for system memory with lifetimes which are not 4.3 kB
jsapi.cpp JavaScript API. 209.1 kB
jsapi.h JavaScript API. 239.3 kB
jsarray.cpp 124.2 kB
jsarray.h JS Array interface. 7.6 kB
jsarrayinlines.h 1.1 kB
jsast.tbl AST_ERROR = -1 6.2 kB
jsatom.cpp JS atom table. 18.3 kB
jsatom.h Return a printable, lossless char[] representation of a string-type atom. * The lifetime of the res 5.8 kB
jsatominlines.h 5.9 kB
jsbool.cpp JS boolean implementation. 4.7 kB
jsbool.h JS boolean interface. 608 Bytes
jsboolinlines.h 712 Bytes
jsbytecode.h 440 Bytes
jsclist.h Circular linked list 2.6 kB
jscntxt.cpp JS execution context. 43.7 kB
jscntxt.h JS execution context. 43.4 kB
jscntxtinlines.h 16.0 kB
jscompartment.cpp 44.2 kB
jscompartment.h A single-entry cache for some base-10 double-to-string conversions. This * helps date-format-xparb. 43.4 kB
jscompartmentinlines.h 4.7 kB
jscpucfg.h 571 Bytes
jsdate.cpp JS date methods. * * "For example, OS/360 devotes 26 bytes of the permanently * resident date-tu 91.9 kB
jsdate.h JS Date class interface. 1.6 kB
jsdtoa.cpp Portable double to alphanumeric string and back converters. 15.4 kB
jsdtoa.h Public interface to portable double-precision floating point to string * and back conversion packag 4.9 kB
jsexn.cpp JS standard exception implementation. 37.1 kB
jsexn.h JS runtime exception classes. 4.5 kB
jsfriendapi.cpp 40.9 kB
jsfriendapi.h 102.9 kB
jsfun.cpp JS function support. 78.0 kB
jsfun.h JS function definitions. 31.2 kB
jsfuninlines.h 3.4 kB
jsgc.cpp 245.7 kB
jsgc.h JS Garbage Collector. 46.8 kB
jsgcinlines.h 15.2 kB
jshashutil.h Used to add entries to a js::HashMap or HashSet where the key depends on a GC * thing that may be m 2.7 kB
jsiter.cpp JavaScript iterators. 53.3 kB
jsiter.h JavaScript iterators. 5.9 kB
jslibmath.h Use system provided math routines. 1.8 kB
jsmath.cpp JS math package. 33.3 kB
jsmath.h 9.7 kB
jsnativestack.cpp 4.7 kB
jsnativestack.h 728 Bytes
jsnspr.h 552 Bytes
jsnum.cpp JS number type and wrapper class. 53.5 kB
jsnum.h Initialize the Number class, returning its prototype object. 10.7 kB
jsobj.cpp JS object implementation. 133.3 kB
jsobj.h JS object definitions. * * A JS object consists of a possibly-shared object descriptor containing 49.2 kB
jsobjinlines.h 21.9 kB
json.cpp ES5 15.12.3 Quote. 30.9 kB
json.h If maybeSafely is true, Stringify will attempt to assert the API requirements * of JS::ToJSONMaybeS 1.2 kB
jsopcode.cpp JS bytecode descriptors, disassemblers, and (expression) decompilers. 89.3 kB
jsopcode.h JS bytecode definitions. 22.3 kB
jsopcodeinlines.h 3.0 kB
jsprf.cpp Portable safe sprintf code. * * Author: Kipp E.B. Hickman 1.3 kB
jsprf.h Wrappers for mozilla::Smprintf and friends that are used throughout JS. 951 Bytes
jspropertytree.cpp 13.2 kB
jspropertytree.h 2.6 kB
jsprototypes.h A higher-order macro for enumerating all JSProtoKey values. 7.5 kB
jspubtd.h JS public API typedefs. 10.4 kB
jsscript.cpp JS script operations. 145.2 kB
jsscript.h JS script descriptor. 79.2 kB
jsscriptinlines.h 5.3 kB
jsshell.msg Error messages for JSShell. See js.msg for format. 1.8 kB
jsstr.cpp 126.2 kB
jsstr.h 14.2 kB
jstypes.h Definitions of NSPR 7.7 kB
jsutil.cpp Various JS utility functions. 7.1 kB
jsutil.h PR assertion checker. 13.0 kB
jsversion.h JS Capability Macros. 1.7 kB
jswatchpoint.cpp 6.7 kB
jswatchpoint.h 2.7 kB
jsweakmap.cpp 5.3 kB
jsweakmap.h 14.9 kB
jswin.h This file is a wrapper around <windows.h> to prevent the mangling of * various function names throu 698 Bytes
jswrapper.h Helper for Wrapper::New default options. * * Callers of Wrapper::New() who wish to specify a proto 19.4 kB
lib.rs 24 Bytes
make-source-package.sh 6.9 kB
moz.build 24.8 kB
old-configure 320.1 kB
old-configure.in 71.4 kB
symverscript.in 51 Bytes