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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
ldapComponents.manifest 330 Bytes
moz.build 894 Bytes
nsLDAPBERElement.cpp nsILDAPBERElement 2.8 kB
nsLDAPBERElement.h 713 Bytes
nsLDAPBERValue.cpp nsILDAPBERValue 2.4 kB
nsLDAPBERValue.h public nsILDAPBERValue 1.0 kB
nsLDAPConnection.cpp 22.8 kB
nsLDAPConnection.h public nsILDAPConnection 4.7 kB
nsLDAPControl.cpp nsILDAPControl 3.0 kB
nsLDAPControl.h 1.3 kB
nsLDAPInternal.h 410 Bytes
nsLDAPMessage.cpp NULL 18.9 kB
nsLDAPMessage.h public nsILDAPMessage 2.0 kB
nsLDAPModification.cpp nsILDAPModification 3.4 kB
nsLDAPModification.h public nsILDAPModification 1.0 kB
nsLDAPOperation.cpp 29.2 kB
nsLDAPOperation.h public nsILDAPOperation 3.3 kB
nsLDAPProtocolHandler.js 2.3 kB
nsLDAPProtocolModule.cpp 5.1 kB
nsLDAPSecurityGlue.cpp 12.1 kB
nsLDAPServer.cpp nsILDAPServer 3.1 kB
nsLDAPServer.h public nsILDAPServer 1.3 kB
nsLDAPService.cpp 27.8 kB
nsLDAPService.h 3.5 kB
nsLDAPSyncQuery.cpp nsILDAPSyncQuery 10.3 kB
nsLDAPSyncQuery.h public nsILDAPSyncQuery 1.8 kB
nsLDAPURL.cpp nsILDAPURL 16.6 kB
nsLDAPURL.h public nsILDAPURL 1.9 kB
nsLDAPUtils.h This module contains helper functions and macros for converting directory module to frozen linkag 500 Bytes