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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
MailConsts.js This is a place to store constants and enumerations that are needed only by * JavaScript code, espe 2.9 kB
MailUtils.js This module has several utility functions for use by both core and * third-party code. Some functio 13.7 kB
Makefile.in 2.1 kB
MsgHdrSyntheticView.js This object provides you a way to have a synthetic nsIMsgDBView for a single * message header. 3.6 kB
attachmentChecker.js Check whether the character is a CJK character or not. * * @return true if it is a CJK character. 4.5 kB
dbViewWrapper.js 77.1 kB
mailViewManager.js Put the MailViewConstants in an object so we can export them to * msgViewPickerOverlay in one blob 7.8 kB
quickSearchManager.js This file mimics mailViewManager.js. It shares the same idiom of creating * lists of search terms 10.0 kB
searchSpec.js Wrapper abstraction around a view's search session. This is basically a * friend class of FolderD 21.8 kB