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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
MANIFEST 502 Bytes
Makefile 1.0 kB
gencfg.c 7.1 kB
nspr.h 1.4 kB
pratom.h 3.9 kB
prbit.h A prbitmap_t is a long integer that can be used for bitmaps 3.0 kB
prclist.h Circular linked list 2.9 kB
prcmon.h Interface to cached monitors. Cached monitors use an address to find a ** given PR monitor. In this 2.4 kB
prcountr.h - NSPR Instrumentation counters 15.2 kB
prcvar.h Create a new condition variable. ** ** "lock" is the lock used to protect the condition variable. * 4.1 kB
prdtoa.h PR_strtod() returns as a double-precision floating-point number ** the value represented by the cha 2.3 kB
prenv.h / /****************************************************************************** 1.5 kB
prerror.h 11.5 kB
prinet.h 2.7 kB
prinit.h / /**************************IDENTITY AND VERSIONING********************** 6.8 kB
prinrval.h API to interval timing functions of NSPR 5.7 kB
prio.h PR i 64.7 kB
prlink.h API to static and dynamic linking. 4.9 kB
prlock.h API to basic locking functions of NSPR 3.5 kB
prlog.h - Declare interfaces to NSPR 7.5 kB
prlong.h Portable access to 64 bit numerics 12.8 kB
prmem.h API to NSPR 2 5.2 kB
prmon.h Create a new monitor. Monitors are re-entrant locks with a single built-in ** condition variable. ** 3.2 kB
prmwait.h 16.8 kB
prnetdb.h Translate an Internet address to/from a character string ****************************************** 12.3 kB
prolock.h A locking mechanism, built on the existing PRLock definiion, ** is provided that will permit applica 5.1 kB
prpdce.h This file is the API defined to allow for DCE 2.9 kB
prprf.h API for PR printf like routines. Supports the following formats ** %d - decimal ** %u - unsigned dec 5.0 kB
prproces.h / /*****************************PROCESS OPERATIONS************************ 2.7 kB
prsystem.h API to NSPR functions returning system info. 2.1 kB
prthread.h API for NSPR threads. On some architectures (MAC and WIN16 ** notably) pre-emptibility is not guaran 9.5 kB
prtime.h - 10.7 kB
prtrace.h - NSPR 22.5 kB
prtypes.h Definitions of NSPR 13.3 kB
prvrsion.h author: jstewart 3.8 kB
prwin16.h Condition use of this header on platform. 6.5 kB