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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
MANIFEST 250 Bytes
MacBinSupport.c 14.5 kB
MacBinSupport.h MacBinSupport.h 1.7 kB
Makefile 2.2 kB
Makefile.in 2.3 kB
autoupdt.c 17.4 kB
autoupdt.h autoupdt.c data structures and defines 3.7 kB
crawler.c implementation for the html crawler 52.2 kB
crawler.h html crawler 6.9 kB
htmparse.c html parser 16.5 kB
htmparse.h html parser 4.5 kB
jsautocf.c Private object for the proxy config loader stream. * * 7.0 kB
jsautocf.h JavaScript auto-config parser and evaluator 1.3 kB
jscookie.c - javascript reflection of cookies for filters 17.8 kB
makefile.win 4.0 kB
mkabook.cpp - Handles 24.5 kB
mkabook.h 881 Bytes
mkalert.c 7.0 kB
mkautocf.c Proxy auto-config parser and evaluator 46.7 kB
mkautocf.h Proxy auto-config parser and evaluator 3.1 kB
mkconect.c generalized portable TCP routines * * Handles calls to async connect and dns routines. * * Desig 45.1 kB
mkfsort.c routines to sort an array of file objects * uses qsort alg * * Designed and implemented by Lou Mo 6.1 kB
mkfsort.h 1.3 kB
mkgeturl.c mkgeturl.c * This file implements the main calling api for netlib. * Includes NET_InitNetlib, 146.8 kB
mkgeturl.h default values 5.2 kB
mkhelp.c Routines to parse HTML help mapping file 25.5 kB
mkhelp.h EA: Help Begin 2.2 kB
mkinit.c register all neccessary * stream converters 20.5 kB
mkldap.h 873 Bytes
mkmessag.c hack alert: this file contains a switch statement with a gazillion cases, * so I'd prefer to use en 6.0 kB
mkpadpac.c - Proxy auto-discovery utility function implementation 3.4 kB
mkpadpac.h - Proxy auto-discovery documentation 3.7 kB
mkparse.c URL/NET parsing routines * Additions/Changes by Judson Valeski 1997 47.3 kB
mkparse.h Returns the number of the month given or -1 on error. 1.3 kB
mkprefs.h 2.8 kB
mkselect.c This file implements the socket polling functions that * allow us to quickly determine if there is 8.8 kB
mkselect.h this function turns on and off a reasonably slow timer that will * push the netlib along even when 2.4 kB
mksockrw.c #### WARNING, this is duplicated in mkconect.c 12.3 kB
mksort.c 3.7 kB
mksort.h 1.5 kB
mkstream.c Do stream related stuff like push data down the * stream and determine which converter to use to 37.8 kB
mkstream.h prints out all converter mime types during successive calls * call with first equal true to reset t 2.5 kB
mktcp.h state machine data for host connect 3.9 kB
mktrace.c If you want to trace netlib, set this to 1, or use CTRL-ALT-T * stroke (preferred method) to toggle 10.2 kB
mktrace.h define NETLIB_TRACE_ON to trace netlib in optimized build 1.3 kB
mkutils.c Implemented by Lou Montulli '94-'98 * * this is the dumping grounds for random Netlib functions * 91.2 kB
mkutils.h Used throughout netlib. 4.3 kB
net_xp_file.h The puropse of this file is simply to add a level of abstraction between netlib * and the XP_File* 3.5 kB
netstream.h 1.6 kB
netutils.h Keep TRACEMSG consistant throughout libnet 2.8 kB
pagescan.c implementation of page scanning 23.3 kB
pagescan.h page scanning 4.8 kB
prefetch.c designed/implemented by Gagan Saksena 4.0 kB
robotxt.c implementation of robots 17.2 kB
robotxt.h parses the robots 3.7 kB
singsign.c locks for signon cache 90.9 kB
unix-dns.c -- portable nonblocking DNS for Unix 44.3 kB
win-dns.cpp 8.7 kB