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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
MANIFEST 104 Bytes
Makefile 2.3 kB
Makefile.in 2.5 kB
bits.h uint8 mask 3.8 kB
bullet.c For an ordered list, convert a numeric value to alphabetical. * * Values between 1 and 26 are hand 8.2 kB
clipline.c 12.4 kB
editor.cpp 96.1 kB
editor.h 175.9 kB
edtbuf.cpp 622.3 kB
edtcmd.cpp 41.8 kB
edtele.cpp 371.7 kB
edtjava.cpp 46.9 kB
edtlist.cpp 11.4 kB
edtlist.h 1.1 kB
edtsave.cpp 61.5 kB
edttypep.h 1.2 kB
edtutil.cpp 198.3 kB
fsfile.cpp 26.9 kB
fsfile.h public ITapeFileSystem 7.0 kB
layarena.c 3.2 kB
layblock.c This struct is used during the processing of a <LAYER> or <ILAYER> * tag, but discarded after the t 96.8 kB
laybuiltin.c 16.1 kB
laycell.c 25.9 kB
laycols.c 20.5 kB
laydisp.c BUGBUG LAYERS: This is a hack that is currently being used for selection * but might be useful else 21.9 kB
laydom.c Parse CSS 7.7 kB
laydom.h Perignon: parse style information to store in the DOM. 2.3 kB
layedit.c Moved here so we can expose 2 functions outside of ifdef EDITOR 65.1 kB
layembed.c 32.4 kB
layfind.c The following is to speed up case conversion * to allow faster checking of caseless equal among str 23.0 kB
layform.c 105.3 kB
layfree.c 24.6 kB
laygrid.c 93.4 kB
layhrule.c This function is now only called during relayout 6.2 kB
layimage.c Image layout and fetching 88.5 kB
layinfo.c for XP_GetString() 15.3 kB
layjava.c 25.7 kB
laylayer.c Z-order for internal layers within a group layer 87.7 kB
laylayer.h Layer-specific data structures and declarations for HTML layout library. 9.1 kB
laylist.c mquote means quoted mail message 3.3 kB
laymap.c #ifndef NO_TAB_NAVIGATION 18.5 kB
laymocha.c Mocha layout interface. 25.2 kB
layobj.c Internal prototypes 35.9 kB
layout.c WEBFONTS are defined only in laytags.c and layout.c 189.0 kB
layout.h stylesheets stuff 70.3 kB
layout.i 1.0 kB
layprobe.c Created by: Nisheeth Ranjan (nisheeth@netscape.com), April 30, 1998 58.1 kB
layprobe.h Created by: Nisheeth Ranjan (nisheeth@netscape.com), March 1998 11.2 kB
layrelay.c -- reflow of layout elements 63.0 kB
layrelay.h -- reflow of layout elements 1.7 kB
layscrip.c SCRIPT tag support. 43.9 kB
laysel.c 214.0 kB
layspace.c 16.2 kB
laystyle.c STYLE tag support. 24.7 kB
laystyle.h #undef ALLOW_NEG_MARGINS 5.8 kB
laysub.c 4.8 kB
laytable.c 191.5 kB
laytags.c style sheet tag stack and style struct 201.2 kB
laytext.c Turn this define on to get the new multibyte parsing code #define FAST_MULTI 223.0 kB
laytrav.c Right now we are just using the line list and not worrying about how to jump out of cells. * Instea 1.8 kB
laytrav.h I wanted to define the following API to traverse the line list. * What do you guys think? This mig 1.9 kB
layutil.c 81.4 kB
lo_funcs.h The idea is for the FE to create and fill in one of these * structures, and then pass it to layout 6.8 kB
makefile.win 810 Bytes
ptinpoly.c 3.5 kB
shim.h 10.4 kB
shim2.h 7.3 kB
streams.cpp Implementation 12.3 kB
streams.h 3.8 kB