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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Makefile 690 Bytes
Makefile.in 789 Bytes
abcom.h #define FE_IMPLEMENTS_VISIBLE_NC 42.5 kB
abdefn.h max lengths for address book fields 5.6 kB
addrbook.h / /* Get the address book . 23.0 kB
allxpstr.h Cross platform error codes. These are system errors, library errors, ** etc. The ranges of error me 383.3 kB
allxpstr.rc Cross platform error codes. These are system errors, library errors, ** etc. The ranges of error me 383.3 kB
cdefs.h Copyright (c) 1991, 1993 * The Regents of the University of California. All rights reserved. * * 5.8 kB
cgi.h CGI assist library. Portability layer for writing correctly behaving ** CGI programs. 2.3 kB
client.h This file should be included after xp_mcom.h * * All definitions for intermodule communications in 1.7 kB
config.h.in Define if using alloca.c. 4.3 kB
csid.h csid.h 10.2 kB
ctxtfunc.h the context function table * * This was typedef'd to ContextFuncs in structs.h 1.1 kB
cvactive.h define a constant to be passed to CV_MakeMultipleDocumentStream * as the data_object to signify tha 1.4 kB
dirprefs.h DIR_Server.dirType 10.1 kB
ds.h Typedefs 7.1 kB
dserr.h DS library error codes 1.1 kB
edt.h Layout Interface **************************************************************************** 60.4 kB
edttypes.h File defines external editor types. * * These types are remapped internally to the editor. 25.1 kB
fe_proto.h Carriage return and linefeeds 51.7 kB
fe_rgn.h Region-related definitions and prototypes 4.1 kB
garray.h 7.5 kB
glhist.h 5.4 kB
gui.h These are defined in libnet/mkhttp.c. XP_AppName The name of the client program - usually "N 2.4 kB
imap.h used for communication between libmsg and libnet 20.7 kB
intl_csi.h intl_csi.h 10.3 kB
itapefs.h 7.0 kB
jscookie.h - javascript reflection of cookies for filters 1.9 kB
libc_r.h - macros 4.4 kB
libcnv.h 6.0 kB
libevent.h Header file for event passing between the mozilla thread and * the mocha thread 21.8 kB
libi18n.h libi18n.h 99.1 kB
libmime.h -- external interface to libmime 22.3 kB
libmocha.h Header file for Mocha in the Navigator (libmocha). 18.1 kB
libnet.h ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Collection of all the 1.1 kB
libstyle.h -- Exported style sheet routines 1.1 kB
lo_ele.h Structures used by the layout engine which will be passed * on to the front end in the front-end to 37.3 kB
m_cvstrm.h Mac_Convert_Stream.h ** -------------------- ** ** The header file for the constructing functions of 3.0 kB
makefile.win 1.9 kB
mcom_db.h - * Copyright (c) 1990, 1993, 1994 * The Regents of the University of California. All rights res 12.8 kB
mcom_ndbm.h - * Copyright (c) 1990, 1993 * The Regents of the University of California. All rights reserved. 3.5 kB
merrors.h -- error codes for netlib 2.0 kB
mime.h Returns the appropriate contents of a From: field of a mail message originating from the current 4.1 kB
mimeenc.h mimeenc.c --- MIME encoders and decoders, version 2 (see mimei.h) Created: Jamie Zawinski <jwz@ne 3.0 kB
minicom.h Mini Component Object Model *********************************************************************** 3.3 kB
mk_cx_fn.h This file is Michael Toy's fault. If you hate it or have troubles figuring ** it out, you should bo 9.8 kB
msg_filt.h foobar Public API for mail (and news?) filters 9.4 kB
msg_srch.h Public API for searching mail, news, and LDAP * pieces of this API are also used by filter rules a 18.8 kB
msgcom.h -- prototypes for the mail 127.5 kB
msgmapi.h - implements XP mail 2.6 kB
msgnet.h -- prototypes for API 20.8 kB
msgtypes.h -- types for the mail 1.5 kB
ncompat.h - * Copyright (c) 1991, 1993 * The Regents of the University of California. All rights reserved. 8.2 kB
net.h This file should contain prototypes of all public functions for the network module in the client 78.8 kB
netcburl.h This file defines the way of getting a URL that you can put into generated HTML. If the user acc 2.0 kB
np.h Prototypes for functions exported by libplugin and called by the FEs or other XP libs. * Prototype 6.1 kB
np2.h Prototypes for functions exported by OJI based libplugin and called by the FEs or other XP libs. 1.1 kB
npapi.h npapi.h $Revision: 3.6 $ * Netscape client plug-in API spec 15.2 kB
npassoc.h void 1.8 kB
npupp.h npupp.h $Revision: 3.1 $ * function call mecahnics needed by platform specific glue code. 39.0 kB
nsldap.h blank ldap header just to satisfy MSVC dependency generator 826 Bytes
nslocks.h many people in libnet [mkautocf.c ...] (and possibly others) get * NSPR20 for free by including nsl 1.6 kB
ntos.h functionality used bt NT Operating System 3.2 kB
ntypes.h netlib 7.2 kB
os2file.h --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stuff to fake unix f 2.1 kB
os2sock.h New file created by IBM-VPB050196 2.4 kB
pics.h return NULL or ratings struct 1.9 kB
prefetch.h Prefetching H file 993 Bytes
proto.h This file should contain prototypes of all public functions for all modules in the client library 20.8 kB
pwcacapi.h contains a null terminated array of name and value stings * * end index of name should always be 3.2 kB
shist.h see shistele.h for the structure definitions. :( 5.5 kB
shistele.h This structure holds pointer so all saved data in the history. It is ** also used by URL_Structs and 5.2 kB
shr_str.h shr_str.h * --------- * * Error codes that are shared by more than one module of * Netscape Navi 2.3 kB
spellchk.h spellchk.h * Public header file for the Spell Checker library. ********************************** 7.3 kB
structs.h This file is included by client.h * * It can be included by hand after mcom.h * * All intermodul 17.5 kB
timing.h Write a timing message to the timing log module, using * <tt>printf()</tt> formatting. The message 6.8 kB
undo.h -- creating and maintaining an undo list 4.5 kB
unix-dns.h dns.h --- portable nonblocking DNS for Unix * Created: Jamie Zawinski <jwz@netscape.com>, 19-Dec-96 2.7 kB
vcc.h 3.9 kB
vobject.h 15.0 kB
winfile.h --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stuff to fake unix f 3.3 kB
xlate.h External points of interest for the translation library 6.6 kB
xp.h xp.h This file is left around for backwards compatability. Nothing new should be added to this fil 1.3 kB
xp_core.h ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- xp_core.h Cros 6.5 kB
xp_debug.h ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- XPUtil.h Cross-Platf 1.7 kB
xp_error.h Return the most recent set error code. 1.2 kB
xp_file.h XP_FileOpen 17.5 kB
xp_hash.h A hash compare function is like strcmp - it should return negative, zero, or positive depending o 4.9 kB
xp_help.h xp_help.h 13.7 kB
xp_list.h generic list structure 2.8 kB
xp_mcom.h This file should be the first Mcom file included * * All cross-platform definitions, regardless of 5.6 kB
xp_mem.h ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- XPMem.h Cross- 8.4 kB
xp_mesg.h ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Position String Forma 1.8 kB
xp_ncent.h Callback function, allows consumer of the list to specialize search * via a callback. This is 2.4 kB
xp_path.h The contents of this file used to be part of prosdep.h, * a private NSPR header file of the NSPR mo 1.7 kB
xp_qsort.h We need this because Solaris' version of qsort is broken and * causes array bounds reads. 1.5 kB
xp_reg.h shexp.h: Defines and prototypes for shell exp. match routines * * * This routine will match a st 3.0 kB
xp_rgb.h xp_rgb.c --- parsing color names to RGB triplets. Created: John Giannandrea <jg@netscape.com>, 28- 1.3 kB
xp_sock.h 5.7 kB
xp_str.h XP_FILENAMECMP compares two filenames, treating case differences appropriately for this OS. 7.4 kB
xp_thrmo.h -- Status message text for the thermometer 1.1 kB
xp_time.h xp_time.c --- parsing dates and timzones and stuff Created: Jamie Zawinski <jwz@netscape.com>, 3-A 2.2 kB
xp_trace.h 2.4 kB
xpassert.h include <stdlib.h> 6.4 kB
xpgetstr.h @name Platform Independent String Resources 4.0 kB
xplocale.h @name Locale Sensitive Operations 4.4 kB
xupfonts.h X Unicode Pseudo FONTS Header file 2.6 kB