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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
CustomInfo.plist 468 Bytes
Document.h NSDocument 85 Bytes
Document.m 1.1 kB
InfoPanelController.h NSWindowController 115 Bytes
InfoPanelController.m 270 Bytes
Makefile 1.8 kB
Makefile.mozilla 1.6 kB
Makefile.postamble which is imported after all other makefiles 5.7 kB
Makefile.preamble Top level mechanism Makefile 6.4 kB
PB.project 2.3 kB
h.template $FILENAME$ created by $USERNAME$ on $DATE$ 137 Bytes
java.template $FILENAME$ created by $USERNAME$ on $DATE$ 579 Bytes
m.template $FILENAME$ created by $USERNAME$ on $DATE$ 558 Bytes
mozilla.tiff 1.6 kB
mozilla_main.m ybfe main - this is where the app starts 926 Bytes
ybbm.c yb_bm.c --- yb functions dealing with front-end bookmarks handling. 6.2 kB
ybctxt.c -- yb fe handling of MWContext initialization 11.2 kB
ybdlgs.c -- yb fe handling of dialog requests from backend 6.6 kB
ybedit.c -- yb functions for fe 2.7 kB
ybenc.c -- encoding stuff specific to the yb fe 889 Bytes
ybform.c -- yb functions dealing with front-end 5.7 kB
ybform.h 1.3 kB
ybgrid.c -- yb fe handling of Grid windows 1.7 kB
ybhelp.c -- yb fe stuff for NetHelp 943 Bytes
ybimg.c -- yb functions for fe 2.5 kB
yblay.c ybedit.c --- yb functions for fe specific editor stuff. 1.3 kB
ybloc.c -- yb fe handling of locale specific stuff 2.8 kB
ybmail.c -- yb functions for fe 3.8 kB
ybmisc.c -- stub functions for fe 923 Bytes
ybplug.c -- yb functions for fe 1.4 kB
ybps.c -- yb functions for fe 1.2 kB
ybrdf.c -- yb functions for fe 939 Bytes
ybrgn.c -- yb functions dealing with front-end 2.1 kB
ybsec.c -- yb fe handling of FE security related stuff 1.1 kB
ybstr.c -- yb fe handling of string id 911 Bytes
ybtime.c -- yb functions dealing with front-end 1.6 kB