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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
BuildList.pm build the 15.7 kB
BuildMozilla.pl 1.1 kB
BuildMozillaDebug.pl 1.2 kB
BuildMozillaOfficialDebug.pl 1.3 kB
BuildNGLayoutDebug.pl 2.4 kB
CodeWarriorLib.pm supply interface to CodeWarrior 9.0 kB
CopyExports.script 2.1 kB
CopyHeaders.script 2.7 kB
CopyList.script 3.3 kB
DoCopyHeaders 2.2 kB
IDE_Options.h This file overrides all option settings in the IDE. It is an attempt to allow all builds to have t 2.6 kB
MacCVS.pm 3.9 kB
MacCVSLib 9.6 kB
MacExportListPublic 4.7 kB
MakeDist.mcp 20.4 kB
Moz.pm 10.9 kB
NGLayoutBuildList.pm 18.7 kB
NSCrossProductDefines.h This compiles in heap dumping utilities and other good stuff for developers -- maybe we only want i 1.3 kB
RunTSScript 43.4 kB
TinderboxMozilla.pl 1.1 kB
TinderboxNGLayout.pl 1.4 kB
makedist.xps The only job of this file is for make dependencies: include files here that you want to cause MakeD 941 Bytes
makedist.xps_Make 2.2 kB