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Sparkle is an MIT-like-licensed framework used for Camino's auto-update
functionality. See http://sparkle.andymatuschak.org/ for more information about
Sparkle. The Sparkle framework is shipped inside Camino's bundle, and some glue
code is included in Camino itself.

This is a pull of fe1372c9621a38978f03bc5773342e8716dcc1e3 from git://github.com/andymatuschak/Sparkle.git
with the following changes:
- Skipped the delta-updates changes (803676d56a5f9de18e1b and 19ae8506ab1d54287c87), since that code doesn't yet build on 10.4
- Commented out used of [arch=<foo>] notation in ConfigCommon.xcconfig to allow building with our toolchain
- Commented out ARCHS in ConfigCommon.xcconfig and replaced it with a version that doesn't include x86_64
- Changed GCC_GENERATE_DEBUGGING_SYMBOLS to YES (and set GCC_ENABLE_SYMBOL_SEPARATION to NO) in ConfigCommonRelease.xcconfig so that we get a dSYM bundle.
- Removed a __dead2 annotation in relaunch.m (along with -Wmissing-noreturn in ConfigCommon.xcconfig) to fix 10.4 compilation.
- Removed the confusing, GPL-incompatible, and unnecessary OpenSSL and SSLeay licences from License.txt.
  Per bug 495620, Sparkle source contains no code from these projects; it merely uses headers from
  these projects that are included as part of Mac OS X system libraries.  Consequently, these
  licenses are superfluous.
- Setting IBC_STRIP_NIBS = NO in ConfigCommon.xcconfig to fix compilation on 10.6 (and ensure any Camino release built on 10.6 will have localizable nibs).