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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
cleanup.sh 1.8 kB
download-exclude.list 237 Bytes
get_token.py 970 Bytes
host.cert 4.9 kB
makecerts.sh 160 Bytes
makensscerts.sh 196 Bytes
nightly.sig 485 Bytes
release.sig 535 Bytes
sign-release.py 20.4 kB
signing-server.py signing-server [options] server.ini 11.9 kB
signing.ini.template 3.4 kB
signing_wrapper.sh 339 Bytes
signscript.py %prog [options] format inputfile outputfile inputfilename 5.6 kB
signtool.py signtool.py [options] file [file ...] If no include patterns are specified, all files will be consi 8.4 kB
testsigning.sh 757 Bytes
verify-android-signature.sh 2.7 kB
verify-gpg.py (?: \.gz | \.bz2 3.8 kB
verify-signature.py Check that files `unsigned` and `signed` match. They will both be unpacked and their contents c 12.7 kB