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.gitignore 103 Bytes
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.travis.yml 1.2 kB
Makefile.master 709 Bytes
Makefile.setup 3.9 kB
README.md # buildbot-configs 3.0 kB
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master-pip.txt 274 Bytes
postrun.cfg.template 518 Bytes
setup-master.py setup-master.py master_dir master_name setup-master.py -t [masters...] setup-master.py -l [--tes 16.9 kB
test-masters.sh 2.8 kB
tox.ini 1.2 kB
tox_env.sh 899 Bytes
update-master-json.py A tool for generating a master_config.json file from production_masters.json for a specific mas 1.3 kB