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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
.cvsignore 9 Bytes
Makefile.in 3.6 kB
dlldeps.cpp 7.0 kB
malloc.c intensive programs 163.1 kB
nsOS2VACLegacy.cpp This module contains wrappers for a handful of XPCOM methods which someone * have been so kind as t 20.7 kB
nsStringAPI.cpp ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7.3 kB
nsXPCOM.h 6.8 kB
nsXPCOMCID.h XPCOM Directory Service Contract ID * The directory service provides ways to obtain file system l 6.6 kB
nsXPCOMPrivate.h 8.3 kB
nsXPComInit.cpp 33.9 kB
win32.order 75.6 kB
xpcom-tests.pkg 1.3 kB
xpcom.pkg 2.8 kB
xpcom_alpha.def 8.8 kB