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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Makefile 3.1 kB
asn1cmn.c 7.9 kB
challcli.c 8.7 kB
cmmf.h These are the functions exported by the security library for * implementing Certificate Management 44.3 kB
cmmfasn1.c 5.3 kB
cmmfchal.c 10.2 kB
cmmfi.h These are the definitions needed by the library internally to implement * CMMF. Most of these will 4.4 kB
cmmfit.h 4.7 kB
cmmfrec.c This file will implement the functions related to key recovery in * CMMF 10.2 kB
cmmfresp.c This file will contain all routines dealing with creating a * CMMFCertRepContent structure through 8.6 kB
cmmft.h These are the enumerations used to distinguish between the different * choices available for the CM 3.6 kB
config.mk 1.6 kB
crmf.h 65.2 kB
crmfcont.c 32.1 kB
crmfdec.c 10.5 kB
crmfenc.c 2.7 kB
crmffut.h These functions to be implemented in the future if the features * which these functions would imple 14.3 kB
crmfget.c 12.6 kB
crmfi.h This file will contain all declarations common to both * encoding and decoding of CRMF Cert Reques 6.7 kB
crmfit.h 6.7 kB
crmfpop.c 17.7 kB
crmfreq.c Macro that returns PR_TRUE if the pointer is not NULL. * If the pointer is NULL, then the macro wil 19.0 kB
crmft.h Header file with all of the structures and types that will be exported * by the security library f 6.9 kB
crmftmpl.c It's all implicit tagging. 11.3 kB
encutil.c 2.2 kB
manifest.mn 1.9 kB
respcli.c This file will contain all routines needed by a client that has * to parse a CMMFCertRepContent st 5.0 kB
respcmn.c 11.5 kB
servget.c 26.5 kB