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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
.cvsignore 116 Bytes
Makefile.in 4.0 kB
autoconf.mk.in 2.4 kB
config.mk 4.4 kB
libc_r.h - macros 5.2 kB
nfspwd.pl 1.7 kB
now.c 4.0 kB
nsinstall.c Netscape portable install command. ** ** Brendan Eich, 7/20/95 13.6 kB
nspr-config.in 1.9 kB
nspr.m4 and define NSPR_CFLAGS and NSPR_LIBS 2.0 kB
nsprincl.mk.in 152 Bytes
nsprincl.sh.in 141 Bytes
pathsub.h Pathname subroutines. ** ** Brendan Eich, 8/29/95 2.5 kB
prdepend.h A dummy header file that is a dependency for all the object files. * Used to force a full recompila 1.8 kB
prmkdir.bat 1.5 kB
rules.mk 13.7 kB